The Fresh Approach Podcast: skills & strategies to live your healthiest & happiest life!

While shining a light on the essential healthy living practices - from nutrition to hydration to quality sleep, we also focus on cultivating practical skills and making heart and mindset shifts so you have tools to manage the BUMPS in the road of life - so nothing gets in the way of you taking the BEST care of yourself!

What began as a fresh way to live your best life with weight loss surgery, the Fresh Approach Podcast welcomes everyone who wants to develop healthy, lifelong practices to live their best lives!

Hosted by Mary Clark, Fresh Approach Life Coach: Healthy Living, Weight Release, WLS, Solo-Parenting, Divorce, ADHD & Anxiety/Depression parenting, Fresh Start & Next Chapter Navigation. Spirit Junkie, author, mom to five, and "Gigi" her grandma name, to three.