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Holiday fears? How to make your WLS plans sweet, simple & sustainable!

Episode Summary

In this episode, from my recent Facebook LIVE, we're talking about handling holiday fears, WHY some WLS friends told me they weren’t ready for accountability, HOW to keep your WLS holiday plans sweet, simple & sustainable...AND what I think about the pouch reset! So let's get started!

Episode Notes

This episode is from my recent Facebook LIVE. And because it was BURSTING with so much good stuff, I didn't want you to miss out!

If you want to watch the video on my Facebook page, CLICK HERE!

We're talking about...

WHAT to do about holiday fears... "Oh no! It’s December!"

WHY some WLS friends told me they weren’t ready for accountability.

HOW to keep your WLS plans SWEET, SIMPLE & SUSTAINABLE during the holidays!

HOW to set a holiday intention and WHY this can make a profound impact on your WLS journey.

Plus, what I think about the pouch reset.

So let’s get started!

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